beneficial mutations

Codon optimality vs systemic fraud (3)

A system of fraud exists that fails to link natural selection for energy-dependent codon optimality to The Association between Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms, including miR-499a Genetic Variants, and Dyslipidemia in Subjects Treated with Pharmacological or Phytochemical Lipid-Lowering Agents 5/17/22 This article belongs to the Special Issue Molecular Effects of Phytochemicals on Cholesterol Metabolism Genes Collectively, everything Codon optimality vs systemic fraud (3)

MicroRNA-mediated population control (6)

7/29/21 I linked fixation of one amino acid substitution, EDAR V370A from the diet of human populations in East and central China to the New World during the past 5-10K years of ecological adaptations via WHO still hates me for doing that. How? “The findings confirm their earlier work suggesting that the majority of MicroRNA-mediated population control (6)

MicroRNA-mediated population control (5)

Visualizing a protonated RNA state that modulates microRNA-21 maturation 10/26/20 and Visualization and characterization of RNA–protein interactions in living cells 7/27/21 cannot be linked to stupid theories about the automagical emergence of energy from the cosmic void or theories that link beneficial mutations during the past billions to millions of years to our evolution from MicroRNA-mediated population control (5)

Quantum Darwinism (3)

“Quantum biology” is quantum Darwinism Starting from…discovery of quantum coherence in low-temperature photosynthetic microbes in 2007, quantum coherence is emerging as a general principle of biological systems. See: MicroRNAs organize intrinsic variation into stem cell states 3/5/20 …naturally arising cell-to-cell variation, sometimes described as stochastic fluctuation, is in fact coherently organized biology. Theorists chose neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific Quantum Darwinism (3)

Linking RNA structure to function

A G-Rich Motif in the lncRNA Braveheart Interacts with a Zinc-Finger Transcription Factor to Specify the Cardiovascular Lineage was reported on September 8, 2016 as: Linking RNA structure and function Excerpt 1) Learning more about how lncRNAs control cell differentiation could offer a new approach to developing drugs for patients whose hearts have been damaged Linking RNA structure to function

Antithetical conclusions (5)

Something is antithetical when it is in complete and utter opposition to the character of something. For example, see: Small population size? It doesn’t have to mean that species can’t adapt to environmental change. A new study shows that small populations of species can still adapt and respond to natural selection. Natural selection for energy-dependent Antithetical conclusions (5)

Energy-dependent biodiversity (2)

This will be my next post to the “Creationism” FB group, where biologically uninformed antagonists have been attacking me on all my other posts or my comments on the posts of others. See, for example: In a series of four presentations during three online conferences: “Neuroscience” “Molecular Diagnostics” “Genetics and Genomics,” I linked Einstein’s math Energy-dependent biodiversity (2)

A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (3)

See: A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (2) See: A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair My comment: Attempts to place what is currently known about the links from atoms to ecosystems back into the context of neo-Darwinian pseudoscientific nonsense have been doomed to fail ever since Dobzhansky (1973) wrote: Nothing in Biology Makes A two-faced protein enables RNA-mediated DNA repair (3)

RNA-mediated development

The Arthur M. Sackler Colloquia are sources for up-to-date information about biologically based cause and effect, which links epigenetic effects on hormones to the affects of hormones on behavior. The difference between effect and affect was place into the context here: Correction for McEwen, Brain on stress: How the social environment gets under the skin RNA-mediated development