Ben Carson

Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (2)

See also: Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (1) Let’s make peer review scientific …peer review is often biased and inefficient. It is occasionally corrupt, sometimes a charade, an open temptation to plagiarists. Even with the best of intentions, how and whether peer review identifies high-quality science is unknown. It is, in short, unscientific. The androgynous baby-faced boy Energy-dependent pheromone-controlled entropy (2)

Hecatombic evolution VS polycombic ecological adaptation

Hecatombic evolution can be compared to polycombic ecological adaptation in the context of facts that do not support the Demoncrat’s agenda. Demoncrat: A biologically uninformed politician acting on behalf of ignorance to promote virus-driven pathology as a source of all biodiversity. Alt: “A member of the Democratic Party (with a demonic implication).” How many people Hecatombic evolution VS polycombic ecological adaptation

War Games: False Flag Terrorism

Sirius Cyantis (aka Sean Ovis) takes my claims about virus-driven energy theft and pathology outside the context of creationism.  Using his assumed name, he places them into the context of support for evolution. That’s an example of what happens on the “False Flag” Creationism FB group. In the context of combating evolution to fight disease, War Games: False Flag Terrorism