Ricki Lewis’ Time Machine (2)

See also: Can a Quirky Chromosome Create a Second Human Species? Reported here as: Ricki Lewis’ Time Machine Physics’s pangolin Trying to resolve the stubborn paradoxes of their field, physicists craft ever more mind-boggling visions of reality Excerpt 1) with my emphasis Physicists are deeply aware of the schizophrenic nature of their science and long Ricki Lewis’ Time Machine (2)

Mutagenesis: Replacing facts with theories

Never mind the selfish gene – ribosomes are the missing link Excerpt: “All cells share three organelles, or internal structures, besides gene-containing chromosomes: ribosomes which contain the machinery for translating genetic information into the proteins that perform the cell’s work; a cell membrane that selectively permits materials in and out; and acidocalcisomes, which store and Mutagenesis: Replacing facts with theories