North Korea quietly thanks God that Trump is a Creationist

By: James V. Kohl | Published on: November 16, 2018

Science in North Korea: how easing the nuclear stand-off might bolster research

North Korea seems to neglect biology and biomedicine….Last year, South Korea produced more than 63,000 research papers

See: microRNA “Republic of Korea”  Creationists start with light-activated microRNA biogenesis.
Q&A: Nutrition solutions lie beyond health

“…there could be much more dialogue between people who work on the more proximal solutions ‒ a nutrition product, supplementation strategy…root causes [of undernutrition]… sustainable development.”

Are the War Games over for N. Korea? If not, see Genius Games  Help the God-less Communists link subatomic particles from cytosis to biophysically constrained viral latency and healthy longevity. Ask yourself, “What would Donald Trump do?”
For comparison, see what the UN is doing.

UN exempts humanitarian items to North Korea from sanctions

Re: X-ray equipment and a refrigerated truck that will transport vaccines
Multiple Interspecies Re-assortment Events limit the effectiveness of vaccines.  That is why N. Korea needs help from intelligent people, especially creationists like Donald Trump and other scientific creationists from South Korea.

North Korea running low on TB meds, experts fear epidemic

 …rationing has already started.

There is no mention of the forthcoming viral pandemic, which will be akin to the 1918 Spanish flu. Only the South Koreans seem to fully understand the reality of the global threat, which is not nuclear war. Ineffective vaccines? For comic relief see: Sci-fi author Greg Bear tells Jon about the not-so-distant future of technology and helping Homeland Security.
Remember, researchers in South Korea have already linked the creation of virucidal light from light-activated microRNA biogenesis to naturally occurring RNA interference, which is the only effective treatment for all diseases.
North and South Korea team up to tackle TB and malaria

…if border restrictions are lifted, the viral infections, such as influenza, that are more common in South Korea will start to hit especially hard in North Korea, where immunity is low and suppressed by malnutrition, says Shin.

See for comparison: Fox News Guest Claims Migrant Caravan Will ‘Infect’ Americans With Leprosy, Host Issues Clarification
Unscreened populations from Central and South carry a number of diseases we do not have in the USA, or those that have largely been eradicated, for instance. TB, Typhus, Typhoid.
Typhoid was spread by an illegal food worker in Virginia. Los Angeles has a Typhus epidemic. Drug resistant TB has been brought into the US for quite a while. Leprosy? Yep. The rate of infection in 3rd World Immigrants is much higher than it is in the USA.
Creationists in South Korea were inspired by Creationists from the USA who visited in the 1980s. Without much more post-war help from the US, South Korea became known as the “creationist capital of the world.” Thank God for that, and thank God that President Donald Trump is a Creationist. The God-less Communists are already thanking President Trump, which suggests they may not continue to be God-less for much longer.

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